Fright Flick

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Fright Flick

Nominated: Best Supporting Actor, B-Movie Fest

…and cut!

Director Israel Luna weaves this hair-raising tale of a low-budget film crew being stalked by a vicious slasher. The director is a hack who’s obsessed with the lead actress, the producer is forced to swallow his pride instead of getting credit where credit is due, and the supporting actress is jealous that she didn’t land the lead.

It seems that virtually everyone on the crew has something to be upset about, and as tensions begin to mount on-set one person in particular allows their anger to erupt into a murderous rage.

They say that life in the entertainment industry can be murder, and it seems that someone on this film crew has taken that old adage as inspiration.

– Jason Buchanan, Rovie

Film Credits

Chad Allen, Richard Curtin, Todd Jenkins, Daphne Khoury, Adam Kitchen, Charles Baker, Tom Zembrod, Whitney Blake, Natali Jones, Allyn Carrell, Valerie Nelson, Tyler Brockington, Mitchell Self, Dan Forsythe, Jim Dolan, Jennifer Garner, Tushar Mali, & more.

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